Pia Fries

Through December 9, Moss Arts Center


Pia Fries (Swiss; based in Dusseldorf, Germany) is internationally acclaimed as an undaunted and intrepid painter, whose exuberant paintings integrate silkscreened facsimiles of 17th-century Baroque and Mannerist prints and the gestural rigor and emotional depth of Abstract Expressionism with a contemporary sensibility. Fueled with formidable skill and an adventurous spirit, Fries’ paintings, characterized by audacious color and thick, pulsating pigment applied with brushes, spatulas, and palette knives, represent a hybrid fusion of painting and printmaking, figuration and abstraction, and tradition and innovation.

This exhibition presents a selection of paintings and prints from two renowned collections, the Pizzuti Collection and the Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz Collection, from the CRG Gallery in New York and Crown Point Press in San Francisco, respectively.


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