Many Faces & Family Pictures from Unexpected Places

Through October 15

Harrison Museum of African American Culture

The Harrison Museum of African American Culture announces a dual exhibition, “MANY FACES” featuring photographer Robert Houston and “FAMILY PICTURES from UNEXPECTED PLACES” featuring photographer Anthony French. The exhibition, a photographic essay on American life, documents “Life in Resurrection City”, the concept of coming back to life after death, through the lens of photojournalist Robert Houston. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Houston began his professional career with various news outlets, including City Paper, and LIFE Magazine. His photographs document remarkable events and day-to-day experiences and are on view at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The second component of this extraordinary exhibition highlights the photographs of Anthony French, Washington, D.C., visual artist and journalist, “FAMILY PICTURES from UNEXPECTED PLACES”. Each of his photographs exemplifies an excellent sense of timing.

Mr. French’s photographs exemplify and excellent sense of timing, thus revealing a joyful, pensive, poignant, or other moments that tells a complete story. According to this photojournalist, his work is not intended as an exhaustive treatise of his subjects, but is subjective rather than explanatory, its being to stimulate, discover, and perceive the truth by virtue of thought.

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