Christine Kosiba Sculptures

Christine Kosiba

Troika Contemporary Crafts, Floyd, VA
November 1 – 30, 2017


Troika Contemporary Crafts invites you to meet the artist at a reception showcasing Christine Kosiba’s sculptures on Friday, November 11th, from 6 to 8 pm. The gallery is in The Station at 203 S. Locust St. in Floyd, across the street from The Country Store. Since the gallery last showed Christina’s work, patrons have been clamoring to see more. You’ll be able to view it at TROIKA all through the month of November. Owner Susan Icove says: “Christine’s animal sculptures are both whimsical and haunting, formed with a light touch that is, nevertheless, so carefully crafted. We are thrilled to have her back, and know our customers and friends will be too.”

Hailing from Brevard, North Carolina, Christine says she has always been attracted to the process of sculpting clay: the tactile give and take, the immediate response of the material…. malleable, spontaneous and filled with infinite possibility. In her words: “Clay grounds me yet allows my ideas to take flight. It frees me in a way no other medium can.”

Greatly influenced by a longstanding love of, and curiosity about, the natural world, Christine believes awareness and respect for our connection to the earth is essential to our well-being. Her work bridges the space between dreams and reality, expressing what she believes to be “a visceral need and desire that … burns in all of us to reclaim this connection.”

The work is intuitive. Christine is self taught — a wonder. She allows her sculpture to develop organically from coils and patties of clay. She will often fire a piece multiple times depending on the desired surface treatment, and may use found objects to make her vision come alive. She makes each piece into a story that ends in the piece itself.

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